Goodbye, coffee with the mermaid on it; hello, mexican coffee


If you say you're a coffee lover, but prefer coffee sold by an international franchise, we have something to tell you before you finish your next cup: WAKE UP!

Coffee is fascinating, full of nuances, flavors, tones, colors, aromas and textures. Two cups of coffee will never be the same, even if they're the same variety of bean, made with water from the same source, even if they use the same brewing process.

Each cup is unique.

But higher-quality coffee, produced with better care, does exist.

Commercial (branded) coffee is good. Its job is to help office workers wake up, to keep night owls' eyes open, and to accompany friends and family while they catch up and have conversations.

As experts say, there's no worse coffee than wasted coffee.

Waste isn't great, but what if we told you that some cups are poetry?

In every cup of Mexican coffee, you'll find the ancient wisdom of a people who learned to extract flavor and benefits from an infusion discovered by accident.

Every time you sip from a steaming cup of Mexican coffee, you're helping farmers and small producers continue their work while respecting Mother Nature.

In each cup and every conversation around it. In every gesture you'll find the camaraderie of Mexican people.

You don't have to renounce coffee franchises, but while you're there, ask for Mexican coffee and enjoy the flavor of the great history it has to tell.

Always enjoying a nice cup of coffee, Siempre Playa.