Playa del Carmen, a bike-friendly destination


Bike lovers and amateur cyclists who have been to Playa del Carmen wouldn't let us lie when saying that this town was made to be biked.

If sustainable transportation is truly meant to become a key factor for cities to conserve energy, time and resources, Playa del Carmen has streets and spaces that could very well serve as inspiration for the cities of the future.

Because, while it's true Playa del Carmen keeps growing, there’s no distance between any two given points in the city that cannot be biked, with all the benefits that entails for our own health and mood, not to mention the environment.

Many professionals have chosen to move their businesses to Playa del Carmen, so opportunities keep growing, and with them, a better work ethic: a more human, friendlier, and happier culture.

Shopping centers like Siempre Playa welcome cyclists with open arms with precisely what you need after a leisurely ride: juice? tea? coffee? Whatever you're in the mood for, you'll find it.

But that's not the end of Playa del Carmen's beauty as a perfect place for bicycle aficionados to live. Its perfect location, ideal for both road and off-road cycling, its world-class events and scenery are exactly what you're looking for to be always cycling, Siempre Playa.