What brings us mexicans together?


Some people say tragedy brings Mexicans together, but what truly does is the opportunity to help one another.

They say all Mexicans are the same, but the only thing we have in common is that we have nothing in common. Regios aren't like Yucatecos, Tijuanenses aren't like Playenses, Veracruzanos aren't like Chilangos, and so on.

People who say our spicy food is all the same don't know the difference between a dish with habanero peppers and a dish with serranos.

Many people say Mexicans are lazy and all about the “fiestas,” but they've never woken up early after a late night out to go to work, even if they're hungover.

What brings us together is that we never cease to enjoy every moment to its fullest; that's why we're always delighted with the things we love; always authentic, always together, Siempre Playa.